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CAMCO 65501 Inboard/Outboard Winterizing Kit

CAMCO 65501 Inboard/Outboard Winterizing Kit

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CAMCO 65501 Winterize the engine at home with a convenient kit. Freeze damage can lead to expensive engine repairs in the spring; winterizing your outboard, inboard or I/O can save you money. Camco makes the process a little easier with an Inboard/Outboard winterizing kit. This kit can be used to winterize boats while on the trailer and is a convenient way for boaters to do it themselves. Included in the kit is a 5 gallon jug with valve to control the flow of antifreeze, a “T” fitting with garden hose fittings and valve, and a clear connecting hose with garden hose fittings. You will need approximately 5 gallons (per engine) of engine safe antifreeze, a garden hose and an engine flusher. Camco winterization kits allow users to bring the engine up to running temperature then circulate the antifreeze without having to change hoses; simply change from cooling water to antifreeze using valves at the 5 gallon jug. Achieving running temperature will open thermostat and allow protective antifreeze to better flow throughout the engine. Know your engine will be protected for the winter by winterizing it yourself with a Camco Winterization Kit. See our winterization headquarters by clicking on How to Winterize Your Boat from the West Advisor tab above. There you will find step by step tutorials on winterizing different systems as well as an abundance of information to help you make informed decisions that will keep your boat’s systems safe in the off season. Key Features Provides a convenient way to winterize inboards and outboards Winterization can be completed with boat on the trailer Valve system lets users warm up the engine and better circulate antifreeze without changing hoses Kit includes 5 gallon jug, connecting hose (with end fittings) and regulating valve Users will need to supply a garden hose, and antifreeze for each engine

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