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Ideal Security Heavy Storm Door Closer (Black)

Ideal Security Heavy Storm Door Closer (Black)

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This heavy duty pneumatic (air pressure) door closer from Ideal Security is designed for use on heavier aluminum, steel or wood storm and screen doors from 1 1/4-inches to 2-inches thick. This series is compatible with out-swinging storm doors. The door closing speed is adjustable with the air adjustment screw at the end of the closer tube. The closer tube is made of aluminum which will not rust. The closer can be installed at the top, middle or bottom of your door, depending on the construction of your door. The SK1730 includes all necessary brackets and screws for installation, and is easy to install using the existing holes on your door (if this was the model on the door previously). To protect your door and the door closer, a storm chain is recommended (see SK14). This is an original equipment quality door closer as Ideal supplies door closers to door manufacturers.

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