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Kitty City Sisal Post Cat Scratchers and Cushion

Kitty City Sisal Post Cat Scratchers and Cushion

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To a cat, nothing’s better than a great scratching post, right? Nothing except one thing: having a soft perch to curl up and snooze right on top it. Expand the fun of the Kitty City Scratch Post with this perfectly compatible Perch Cushion and Platform. It includes everything you need to add a properly-sized nap pad on top of your cat’s scratch post, all with easy-to-follow instructions. The bed itself is luxuriously cozy with a soft polyester foam core and plush poly fleece cover. Whenever the bed could use a bit of freshening up, care couldn’t be easier - just throw it in the washing machine on gentle, air dry, and it’s ready for more cat zzzzz’s

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